* For ANU-based projects, please note that in addition to admittance to the graduate program you need to apply for a scholarship at the ANU. Please check the dates for the next upcoming deadline.

There are five positions available in project A2, B7, B8, D3 and D5!

Research Area A - Nutrient Uptake and Metabolism

Project A2 - position available


Lipids as targets for antimalarial drugs


Host Lab: Alex Maier (ANU)

Partner Labs: Kai Matuschewski (HUB), Edda Klipp (HUB), Elena Levashina (MPIIB)

Research Area B - Parasite Genetics and Adaptations

Project B7  - position available


Defining metabolic determinants of drug susceptibility in P. falciparum and T. gondii


Host Lab: Martin Blume (RKI)

Partner Lab: Kai Matuschewski (HUB) and Kevin Saliba (ANU)

Project B8 - position available


Exploring species an stage-dependent differences in the pantothenate requirement of malaria parasite


Host Lab: Christina Spry & Kevin Saliba (ANU)

Partner Lab: Alyssa Ingmundson (HUB), Martin Blume (RKI)

Research Area D - Host Genetics and Responses

Project D3- position available


The Antiplasmodial Activity of Riboflavin Analogues



Partner Lab: Frank Seeber (HUB, Robert Koch  Institute)


Keywords: Riboflavin, Antimetabolites, Mechanism of Action, Protein expression, Whole Genome Sequencing, Enzyme Assays.

 Project D5- position available


A Chemical Biology Toolbox for Interrogating Malaria Biology and Identifying Novel Therapeutics


Host Lab: Lara Malins (ANU)

Partner Lab: Alexander Maier (ANU) and Melanie Rug (ANU)