MTrack: Automated Detection, Tracking, and Analysis of Dynamic Microtubules.

Varun Kapoor, William G. Hirst, Christoph Hentschel, Stephan Preibisch & Simone Reber. 2019. Scientific Reports 9(1):3794.


In Brief

Microtubules are dynamic filaments essential for many cellular processes such as intracellular transport, cell motility and chromosome segregation. In a cellular context, it is often too complex to study a single protein’s contribution to microtubule dynamics. Therefore, we reconstitute microtubule dynamics in vitro using purified components and total-internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscope. In this paper, we present a novel software MTrack, which automatically identifies and tracks dynamic microtubules with sub-pixel resolution using advanced objection recognition. MTrack provides automatic data interpretation yielding relevant parameters of microtubule dynamic instability together with population statistics.
MTrack is implemented as a plug-in for the open-source platform Fiji: