The Centrosome Protein AKNA Regulates Neurogenesis via Microtubule Organization

Germán Camargo Ortega, Sven Falk, Pia A. Johansson, Elise Peyre, Loïc Broix, Sanjeeb Kumur Sahu, William Hirst, Thomas Schlichthaerle, Camino De Juan Romero, Kalina Draganova, Stanislav Vinopal, Kaviya Chinnappa, Anna Gavranovic, Tugay Karakaya, Thomas Steiniger, Juliane Merl-Pham, Regina Feederle, Wei Shao, Song-Hai Shi, Stefanie M. Hauck, Ralf Jungmann, Frank Bradke, ´Victor Borell, Arie Geerlof, Simone Reber, Vijay K. Tiwari, Wieland B. Huttner, Michaela Wilsch-Bräuninger, Laurent Nguyen, Magdalena Götz. 

2019. Nature volume 567, pages 113117


In Brief

Centrosomes are the major microtubule organising center in eukaryotic cells. They have an important function in regulating cell shape, polarity, cilia formation and intracellular transport as well as the position of cellular structures, including the mitotic spindle. In this paper, we could support German Camargo Ortega by showing that AKNA directly binds to microtubules and has an effect on microtubule dynamics. These features of AKNA are important for mediating the delamination process in the formation of the subventricular zone in the developing brain.