Reflection of Tutorial with maria Mota

Jorin Diemer

Published March 28, 2018

In order to get insights in the academic world it is extremely beneficial for students to participate in tutorials, which take place in a relaxed and personal atmosphere. Such a tutorial was the one given by Maria Mota as part of the IRI Tutorials.


Focusing on her work about Plasmodium liver and blood stages she gave two informative and entertaining talks. Besides the presentation of a variety of factual informations, Maria outlined how she asked the questions which lead to the presented experiments and conclusions. Besides a clear logic behind her approaches, she genuinely reported how sometimes fortunate coincidences lead her to important experiments.


However, these coincidences, not really coincidences but conversations with other researchers, only arose due to an open mindset.

As take home message of this tutorial I would name that while oneself is focusing on specific details of ones work, which request a clear logical mind, it is crucial to stay open minded in order to perceive new perspectives and ideas.