PHd Students

Francois Korbmacher

IRTG Student from 09/2017 to 10/2020

PhD defense on 10th December 2020

Now: Postdoctoral researcher at EMBL Barcelona in the group of Maria Bernabeu 

"In vitro 3D Blood-Brain Barrier Model and Cerebral Malaria" 

Will Hirst

IRTG Student from 09/2017 to 05/2021

PhD defense on 19th May 2021

Now: Postdoctoral researcher at the Reber lab

Impressions of the digital celebration after his defense

Undergraduate Students

Maxim Karnetzki

Master Student with Edda Klipp,

now PhD Student in the IRTG 2290
with Edda Klipp

Lasse Bonn

Former Bachelor Student with Edda Klipp, 

now Master student at the University of Copenhagen