Other Events


IRTG 2290 Dual PhD graduation

by Kai Pohl

16 November 2021

IRTG 2290 Dual PhD graduation

by Julie-Anne Gabelich

12 August 2021

Second IRTG 2290 graduation

by Will Hirst

19 May 2021












First IRTG 2290 Dual PhD graduation

by Francois Korbmacher

10 December 2020


Past events

IRTG 2290 Management course

26 - 28 - 31 May 2021 and 

4 - 7 - 11 June 2021


Student's Day hosted by IRTG 2290

April 16, 2021 

4:30 p.m. Berlin time via Zoom

- Peer-to-peer skills fair

Kick-off meeting on
February 26, 2021

4 p.m. Berlin time via Zoom

 Organized by Hfp-consulting




with talks by 

Julie-Anne Gabelich, Will Hirst, Kai Pohl


Pursuant to their vision to bridge the traditional boundaries of disciplines, the IRI graduate school unites three DFG-funded PhD programmes, which train life scientists of different research backgrounds as well as computational biologists, mathematicians and informaticians: The IRTGs 2290 (Molecular interactions in Malaria) and 2403 (Dissecting and reengineering the regulatory genome) and the RTG 2424 (Computational aspects of cancer research).


The appropriate and most exhaustive analysis of high-content data sets necessitates computational expertise. Vice versa, bioinformaticians and mathematicians rely on experimental data generated by life scientists in wet lab experiments. The reciprocal understanding of both perspectives greatly enhances your own scientific approach, foster interdisciplinary collaborations which leading to new findings and expand your research network.


Together, we created a peer-to-peer collaborative learning and teaching platform for scientific skills, in which life scientists and computational researchers with similar or related research interests team up in tandems or small groups to share their scientific skills with each other.