Equality measures

Overview - equality measures in research networks

Promoting equal opportunities for female and male scientists

  • (Attendance) fees for
    • mentoring programs
    • soft skills courses
    • management training 
    • continuing education courses 
    • Coaching 
    • Networking 
    • office staff for organizing mentoring 
    • networking or career developement 
  • Service of a 
    • family service 
    • child care during collaborative events, mobile child care 
    • child holiday care
  • home office
  • parent-child room
  • staff to relieve workload 
  • gender-sensitation course
  • creation of handbook or website "equal opportunity measures" 
  • organization of Girls' Days
  • student academics or summer universities for girls 
  • mentoring between female students and female students 
  • additional office supplies for organizing equal opportunity measures


Special benefits and regulations for fellows with children

  • granting of a child allowance
  • option to extend the fellowship period and/or funding of childcare costs
  • replacement costs for pregnant/breastfeeding doctoral and postdoctoral students

What conditions must a gender equality measure fulfill?

  • it meets the DFG's gender quality goals in terms of career advancement, support for compatibility of family and career, or gender sensitization 
  • a clear project reference is apparent 
  • the members of my association benefit 
  • the measure is open to as many members as possible 
  • there is no direct flow of funds
  • the members are not given a better position by the measure than employees with a staff position 
  • the equal opportunity measure does not finance services that are part of the university's budgetary tasks.